Daily Diva: White Hot

Daily Diva: White Hot

In the romance department, it’s always big news to give a boyfriend a toothbrush at your place.

While I’d been using and loving the Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse toothbrush (which retails online for a nice $100 bucks), I presented him with the Colgate 360 Optic White (which retails basically for free in comparison at an easy breezy $3.99 here).

Not that he wasn’t worth something fancier, but I figured as a boy he might not appreciate it — and the Colgate brush was shipped to me along with our beloved Colgate Optic White toothpaste (we recently switched to the Cool Mild Mint flavor). Why not put it to use?

Now he does have a high taste level otherwise, so when he claimed it was “the best toothbrush” he’d ever used, I was certainly intrigued.

About a month later (and after years of service), my sonic system died a slow and sad death.

So I switched to a Colgate 360 of my own (purple center, not to be confused with his blue in my medicine cabinet) and – would you believe it?? – I am equally obsessed.

It cleans not only the teeth but the entire mouth and also has these little whitening cups inside the bristles. I was pretty much sold on the cups.

Plus when we line up our brushes in the morning and at night on their little ledge, it looks like they are kissing. It’s kind of really cute. Like him.

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