Diva Dish: Small Wonder

Diva Dish: Small Wonder

Hotshot TV commercial producer Alison Horn who has been a best friend of mine since the 6th grade (me – bangs, her – braces) recently got me this A-is-for-AWESOME supercool red lips ring from C Wonder. She’s always getting me thoughtful things with kiss imprints – can’t imagine why ;)

Anyhoo – it’s in the exact likeness of the fancypants Solange Azagury-Patridge designer rings although likely didn’t run her $1650.00.

Needless to say… I. Love. It.

The only problem… it’s a little loose.

So I went over to C Wonder in Soho (conveniently right by my Equinox). First off let me say if you haven’t been, this store is a full-on feast for the eyes. Color, pattern, texture and just overall great design. Secondly, let me say the people who work there were amazing – first trying to locate the ring in store and then at other locations.

Sadly, the only rings left in the same style were yellow, blue and green. And any diva obviously needs red lips.

So the associate suggested a ring snuggy.

Say whaaaat?

As someone who’s a fool for the blanket-with-sleeves variety snuggy, I was most intrigued.

It’s basically a clear rubber tube that goes around the ring to ensure a snug fit. Comes in multiples sizes. (An assorted package of 6 costing just 3 bucks right now on amazon.)


I ordered it online and days later was rockin’ my ring.

Whoooo hooooo. LOVE me a creative solution.

PS – another best friend, hotshot magazine publisher Sabine Feldmann, got me the notebook in these pics with the ring. Killer, I know. And before you even ask, it’s from Archie Grand.

Other cool items from C Wonder, Solange Azagury-Patridge and Archie Grand in that order…