DIVA DOES… A Shot to the Head… of Reality

DIVA DOES…  A Shot to the Head… of Reality

There are several things I would say I do well. Some I think I do exceptionally well. And then there are the things I have to do on occasion but just do not come natural to me. In fact, if you asked me (someone who is insanely perfectionistic and therefore at times incredibly self-critical) – I would say I kinda really suck.

Fit squarely in that last category is modeling – and I use the term verrrry loosely.

Like the time I chopped off 11 inches of hair for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign and it was featured in Shape magazine. Good times.

Or like yesterday, when I had headshots taken (that, if all goes according to plan, will appear in beauty/fashion magazines in months to come).

The experience is perfectly named; it was definitely a shot to the head.

Every imperfection was magnified. It was tough to look at the uploaded images in between “wardrobe changes.”

Internal dialogue included: Do I need a haircut? Do I need to start botox? When can I get micro-dermabrasion? Why aren’t my eyebrows perfectly symetrical? Why didn’t I get more sleep last night? Why am I so stiff???

Still, I am a believer that almost everything in life that takes you out of your comfort zone is a hidden opportunity and that nothing good comes without initial hesitation and reservation and sometimes outright fear. Like Lipstick Queen Poppy King has wisely said, only once you walk towards your fear does it diminish in size.

I recalled an episode of the Rachel Zoe Project where she had to model for Marie Claire… and I love her… and she wasn’t exactly a natural… and all worked out in the end.

So I took a deep breath and just smiled. Sometimes too big, sometimes not enough, and many times awkwardly. But I got through the day.

And now I just pray the shots come out nice.

Please pray with me :)

Immeasurable thanks to photographer Kelly Rice!!!!

And special thanks to my mom (aka Mama-licious or Rosycruise) for coming on her birthday for moral support. And for making me laugh when she stood behind Kelly doing some sort of full-body charades trying to help guide me. That’s true love.

Here are some of mama Rosy’s behind the scene’s amateur photos:

With Chris – the lighting genius

Kelly trying to relax me

Being cute seems easy enough, until you’re trying to be cute

Wardrobe change, and my beloved kit makes a cameo in the corner

Yayyy, found a new facebook profile pic at least

PS: Soon I will post several of the PRO pics and, of course, will need your help to select the final!!