DIVA DISH: Do You Fango

DIVA DISH: Do You Fango

Happy Anniversary, FANGO!!

Borghese’s 5-minute at-home mud mask is turning 25, and I was fortunate enough to test the revolutionary product immersed in Tuscan nutrients and minerals in celebration of its quarter-century. (Grazie, Borghese!!)

And when it’s a party, I believe in everybody getting a piece of the action.

So I brought the creamy treatment down the shore so that my willing (and unwilling) weekend guests could partake in the beautification.

Some background from the brand on its beloved cult classic that – like me! — is “steeped in rich Italian heritage”:

FANGO is built on a practice that dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing properties of the mineral laden mud surrounding the volcanic hills of Tuscany. Borghese was the first to perfect the process of refining the mud, bringing it to retail counters, where it quickly experienced a groundswell of dedicated users thanks to its five minute application and immediate benefits of nourishment and moisture. Four additional FANGO Active Muds have since been introduced including: Delicato for sensitive skin, Brillante to brighten and refine, Ristorativo to nourish and replenish, and Hair & Scalp to smooth and condition.


We applied the mask liberally, as directed, after cleansing skin and one by one started to feel it working. There is definitely a tingling sensation that gives the “active” to the Fango Active Mud name. The tingling subsides in a minute or so. Before it completely dries out, the  mask gets rinsed off.

FANGO diva!

with my dear friend andres, who wisely covered his neck as well (si si, amigas - guapisimo Y inteligente!!)

and of course, chris & hillary – she was on board from the get-go and he… had his arm twisted a little- but then embraced the experience

…and ultimately reaped the rewards – A MUD MAKEOUT :)


Even after a dehydrating day at the beach from both strong sun exposure and several cocktails, everyone’s face felt silky smooth from the moment we washed off the camoflauge-green mud. We were amazed. Promises of instant luminosity also delivered. Fango gives gorgeous glow. And for the ladies, makeup glided on moisture-filled, newly repaired facial skin.

We reached 100% consensus, even from the fellas: We LOVED the mask – Incredible Hulk hue and all.

Wanna see for yourself? Buy it HERE.

Wanna learn more? Check out the Do You FANGO facebook page.