DIVA DOES… Drugstore Diva

DIVA DOES… Drugstore Diva

Last week, I gave a LATINA magazine contest winner a CoverGirl makeover with a beauty budget of only $100. 

The look (of my choice) would be accompanied by an application lesson. So I passed by Duane Reade on Broadway and Houston on my way home from spin, and headed over to my beloved beauty aisle. I was thinking I’d have to focus on eyes and lips only, already making concessions in my head. On the must-purchase list were mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss. Beyond that, I figured I’d throw in another goody or two to complete the face based on what popped out at me. Since the reader would leave with the items, I wanted them to be seasonally appropriate so she could recreate the look and wear it now. 

I decided on a fresh summer look featuring a metallic eye and punchy lip.

I got to the Cover Girl display and I picked up LashBlast mascara (an easy choice, it’s one of my FAVES), some eyeliner (I love these liquid pencil combos) and a few of their new metallic cream eyeshadow pencils. I also found this amazing coral lipgloss stick. Sooo pretty. I started to do the math in my head and realized I had more money to spend.

Like, A LOT more.

I could basically pick up a full face of new makeup and be within budget. 

So I went back and added…

  • the BB cream (a summer essential)
  • a Olay/CoverGirl concealer (for spot correcting)
  • a shimmery mineral bronzer (perfect for this bombshell look)
  • a WetSlicks gloss in gold (to add dimension and shine to the center of the lips)
  • and a neutral eyeshadow quad (as a base to hold the shadow creams as eyelids tend to be oily this time of year)

After already having in my hands…

  • LashBlast waterproof mascara (beach, pool and gym friendly)
  • LiquidLine Blast eyeliner (for intense smudgeable color)
  • Flamed Out metallic shadow pencils (in Melted Caramel, Gold Flame and Silver Flame)
  • NatureLuxe Gloss Balm (in Coral)

Yes, ladies and gents… {drumroll please}… I got 11 (YES, ELEVEN!) beauty products to create this fun summer face for under $100.

$98.41 to be exact.

Can you EVEN??!!

Such a drugstore diva I am. 

Now, I have TONS of makeup. TONS. And I get shipments of new products to test weekly. So the last thing I really need is another beauty product. But when the application and lesson was over, I was kind of jealous I couldn’t keep the NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Coral. It was such a happy shade.

I also started to fall for those Flamed Out Shadow Pencils. So easy, with such a great finish. And of course, LashBlast mascara is kind of a can’t-live-without product, but I use it in my pro kit so I have more than plenty here. Not to mention the liquid pencils liners are phenom, but I have a few from a competitive brand in a nearly identical formula. 

Really it was that bright gloss balm that called to me…winked at me… wanted me.

Even still I can envision it bouncing around in my beach bag.

For $3.99 (oh yeah, AND it was on sale), I may have to go back to DR today and pick one up…  Can you say#PRODUCTJUNKIE?



  1. GaYoung Kwon

    drugstore mascaras always get me…

  2. 3ooy7hsa8aj4a

    drugstore mascaras always get me…

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    you and me both, woman!!!