DIVA DOES… I am woman, see me roar.

DIVA DOES…  I am woman, see me roar.

Been feeling a little animalistic these past couple days.


You could say the roar of my inner lioness (I’m a Leo) is not one to be stifled.

So for the shoot I did yesterday with the creative geniuses at Badger&Winters, I popped this simple black dress I found in a Shop It To Me email alert with a fab leopard sash to cinch the waist. (I had my tailor, ie BFF Marco, remove the built-in-tie-in-the-middle-same-fabric-situation-thing so I could alternate between my most favorite, most fun, most ferocious belts and add some personal flava.) 

I stacked my chunky jungle bangles like these for running around town.

The BudgetDiva in me found animal print in the form of this frugal find from FOREVA….21.

Hell, even my undies are savage ;)

I could go on and on… but I best get back to my concrete jungle that is Manhattan.