DIVA DOES… QT w/ Your Hairstylist (Quiet Time)

DIVA DOES… QT w/ Your Hairstylist (Quiet Time)

Ever want to get all up in another woman’s business, all you gotta do is go to her hair salon…

Women dish ALL to their hairdressers at incredibly high volume to overcompensate for the roar of the blasting blowdryer.

Get the next chair and you’ll get the goods on her man (or men), her coworkers, her family, you name it.  It’s better than her uncensored diary.

I know this because I too am guilty of being a little too…. audible, so to speak… in my stylist’s chair.

I gab with him, he gabs with me, with little to no awareness of other clients or stylists.

It may as well be the therapist couch, because – hot damn - it all just comes flowing out.

I recently had a “confidential” convo with my tress-tamer extraordinaire and the woman one seat over actually looked at me, smiled and got on her blackberry to send a message. Hmmmm.  WTF.

But I went on carelessly chatting because it was our 45 minutes together for the week and we had to cover all the bases.

Enter Centrix’s new Q-Zone Quiet Dryer.

With patent-pending Insanely Quiet ™ technology, it claims to dry as quickly as other pro dryers minus the loud noise – allowing for “inside voices” to be used while conversing in the chair.


According to one of my all-time favorite hair heroes – Adrian Deberardinis of Deberardinis Salon in NYC, “Now it’s possible to powerfully blast your hair dry without blasting the noise.  The discreet Q-Zone Quiet Dryer won’t disturb the sleeping husband and it does a great job of making our salon more conducive to client conversation.”

Available at ulta.com for $179.99 and hopefully introduced soon at your salon.