DIVA DISH: Personalized Stuff

DIVA DISH: Personalized Stuff

When I was a little girl, I started a ‘business’ with my friends where we personalized… stuff.  It was cleverly named Personalized Stuff.  We designed seashells, towels and other random items using bubble letters and the customer’s name.  Millionaires we did not become off this brilliant concept, but I did learn early in life that people are, simply put, really into things that are personalized. 

Fast forward to last week, and  a girl I volunteer with shot me an email about her budding business that takes personalization to a whole other level. 

F designs jewelry that mirrors the size and shape of people’s scars.  At itsmyscar.com, the philosophy is to turn you personal history into a one-of-a-kind and meaningful piece of jewelry.  All designs are custom and allow for something potentially negative (the history of the scar) to turn into something positive, beautiful and empowering.  Consumers are encouraged to own their scars. Literally.  And I think that’s pretty amazing. 

F had thyroid cancer herself, which resulted in a sharp scar across her neck.  Rather than cover and hide it, she designed a necklace in its likeness and other women with scars were inspired and started asking her to make unique jewelry for them.  And a business was born.

On the site, there are some samples along with photos of the real scars they replicate and the wearer’s individual story.

The cost of your original piece can vary from $200 – $1500 depending on the design. 

All you need to do is provide a clear photograph of your scar, and you’ll be able to proudly wear you personalized… stuff.