Halloween’s over but guess what — you can still look and feel like Rapunzel any day, thanks to new NYC extensions bar RPZL.

I was fortunate (read: SUPER PSYCHED!) to test out their brand new service and I must say, never underestimate the power of hot hair. These extensions are transformative.

RPZL has three types of extensions. The Scene Stealer ($450) are clip-ins and what I selected (call me a commitment-phobe, but I like options). There’s also The A-List ($795) which are stickers that last 4 weeks and can be used 3 times (a total of approx. 3 months wear) and The Legend ($1595) which is a keratin application (very popular among celebrities) that lasts 3-6 months and can be used 3 times (a total of approx. 9-18 months wear). The keratin extensions are applied using new technology allowing RPZL stylists to complete the job in 25 minutes. For anyone who has ever gotten pro extensions, that’s pretty amazing for a process that typically takes hours. 

RPZL uses 100% Remy human hair and it is GORGEOUS. I was shocked at how natural and healthy and shiny it looked. 

Here’s my natural hair, air dried, without any product and brushed through…

Here is my hair straightened with the bottom extensions clipped in… See all that added length? This hair is looooong. (You have the option to have the stylist trim it to your desired length, but really since they’re clip-ins I felt go long or go home. Why not make an impact.)

Here is my hair with all the clips in. They are layered into the hair in sections. In total, the set has seven pieces that are widest at the bottom and narrowest at the top. I of course looked from every angle, and they were undetectable.

Here I am with the hair curled and styled for my night out, in that undone but finished kind of way…

And here I am unable to stop touching my new extensions… (Official DIVAlicious update: I’m a twirler!)

Note: These pictures are all straight off the Canon, no retouching or filtering. The real deal.

After my hair was done, I took myself and my new extensions out on the town for dinner with the beau and, best believe, they were a head-turner. For a pretty tame outfit with pretty understated makeup in a pretty sexy city filled with pretty much eye-candy everywhere, I was catching stares left and right. This hair was on duty and werrrrking.

I was also definitely feeling myself with all that added length and volume. The hot-hair vibes must have been tangible, and they only got stronger as the night went on. 

Now, the clip-ins are not the easiest to put in yourself, especially at first. I fully admit it was a challenge for me. Probably why people opt for sticker or keratin extensions. But with practice you steadily improve. Better yet, you can just book an appointment with RPZL and have your hair styled by them with the clips. They can also wash and dry your extensions. So that is precisely what I did for a recent beauty video I did with Self magazine and Dior. Genius.

All in all, I am LOVING the hair and the ability to change up my look with the snap of an extension. Something I would absolutely spend the money on as I’m a firm believer – no better investment than self-investment!


Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Service was provided for review.