The Top 5 Red Carpet Secrets You Need To Know

The Top 5 Red Carpet Secrets You Need To Know

Erica Gonzalez (left), Gina Guercia (center),

Edgar Parra (second to right), Jackie Gomez (right) 

Team Photo: Courtesy of Magdiel Baez


Want to know the red carpet beauty secrets of celebrities like Beyonce, Zoe Saldana, Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Wiig and Elizabeth Banks? We did too!! And they were revealed at a recent beauty presentation at the Make Up For Ever Studio in NYC. Sharing is caring – so I’m happy to report back to all of you divas on the tricks of the trade behind the hair and makeup of some Hollywood’s most glamorous!

Behold the Top 5… from the pro team at Top 5 Management.

#1 – For longer lasting and more vibrant color, pack on the eyeshadow. Who knew all it took to achieve and sustain that gorgeous, powerful color was to layer? Something most women are apprehensive about for fear of making a mess. For the perfect smoky eye, up-and-coming makeup artist Erica Gonzalez recommends using a fluffy brush in circular motions starting at the crease and then proceeding in a v-shape around the eye.

#2 - Applying highlighter to your cupid’s bow gives the appearance of lush lips. Dabbing just a bit of highlighter over the very center of your upper lip allows for light to reflect and creates the illusion of fuller lips. 

#3 – Fill lips with a clear lip liner before applying lipstick. Celeb makeup artist Jackie Gomez says filling in lips with a clear lip liner acts as a primer, preventing flaking and discoloration. It’s especially important for a bold and highly pigmented lip look, like vamp or ómbre. 

#4 – Use dry shampoo to prep roots before styling. Stylist Gina Guercia recommends it before you begin your assault of hot rods, irons, mousses, and hairsprays to repel oil and dirt from clinging to roots. Dry shampoo also prevents hair from falling flat and gives hair a great texture and boost. 

#5 – Maximize the length of your braid by starting at the base of your skull. Instead of throwing up a messy bun, a great way to turn around a bad hair day is to create a fishtail. Emerging hairstylist Edgar Parra  says to start at the base of your skull to maximize its length and then tug out pieces to create volume and texture. 

– Kate Pangilinan

Gonzalez’ smoky eye

Gomez’ primed lip

Guercia’s prepped roots

Parra’s lengthened fishtail

Hair & Makeup Photos: Courtesy of Kate Pangilinan