I’ve been told I’m somewhat of a commitment-phobe, always teetering with one foot in and one foot out. But this fall, I’m making a real commitment.  I’m taking a vow and I’m not taking it lightly.

But to backtrack for a second, as some of you know my ‘dayjob’ is at SHAPE magazine where I manage the beauty & fashion team and also work on brand extensions, integrations and opportunities.  Sometimes the workload forces me to neglect you – especially when we’re crazy busy, which is almost always… (so sorry loyal readers!!!)  But in this instance, I am so beyond excited for an upcoming launch that I actually intend to blog about the process from start to finish.

Yes my virtual friends, as the leader in the Active Lifestyle Category and as a brand that consistently sets and resets the bar (in both good and bad times), SHAPE is launching a new magazine that I jointly conceptualized with my publisher, SF, and will manage. 

On Valentine’s Day weekend 2010, along with our fabulous and talented Editor-in-Chief VL, we will proudly introduce SHAPEbride.

The above announcement went out to the industry just days ago and the instant reception it’s received from our brand partners has been tremendous from travel to jewelry to beauty to lingerie to diet&nutrition companies and more.

For years we’ve known every woman wants to get in SHAPE, so to speak – but it couldn’t be more important than for a bride-to-be!  Being fit & fabulous is of the essence and we’ve got the comprehensive plan for her to get slim, stay sane and be show-stoppingly gorgeous for the big day. 

If you’re a bride-to-be or will become one this fall/winter, we ask that you make a vow to yourself.  Be a bride who can say on her wedding day – I DO love my SHAPE.

If you can say…

I DO want my dress to fit like a glove.

I DO want the aisle to be my personal runway.

I DO want to be healthy, radiant and beautiful on the big day.

I DO want to know the secrets of Hollywood brides.

I DO not want to become a Bridezilla.

… then you’re soon on your way to becoming a fit & fabulous SHAPEbride!!

To accompany the magazine, of course, will be an interactive web site, an iphone companion application, sweepstakes and prizes and more!

So while I haven’t been able to commit to a man yet, I’m giving you my word that I’m 110% committed to this project. And as with any worthwhile relationship, I know it’ll take time and energy and hard work and passion. But I have a good feeling we’re a perfect match!