DIVA DOES… The Case of The Disappearing Eyeliner

DIVA DOES… The Case of The Disappearing Eyeliner

SCB, my friend and occasional blog photographer, and I have had countless long discussions about disappearing eyeliner – and all eye products for that matter.  Really.  This is what we spend our time talking about.

It’s a mystery.

Where does it go?  WHY does it go??

We put on our sexy detective hats (figurative for her, literal for me), determined to crack the case.

We tested kohl liners, cream liners, wet-to-dry liners, shadow liners.  We examined loose pigments, pressed powders, cream pots.

It was baffling.

For months, we pondered the application technique, the ingredients, the skin itself.

Without any decent leads, we gave up.

Fast forward to this Monday.  I’m sitting in a master class on special event makeup when I hear the instructor say of his celebrity clientele…

“And you know how with these women, the eye makeup just slides off.”

My eyes widen.  Yes…..

“You arrive and they think they’re prepped for you.”


“They just don’t realize those super-rich, super-expensive eye creams basically act as a makeup remover.”


“They spend all that money on these thick, rich creams, you know the brands, only for you to have to blot it off.  But you have to.  Tissue it off.  Blot it off.  For anything to stick, you have to dry the eyelid.”



We were victims of EXPENSIVE EYE CREAM.

We over-hydrated.

But instead of answers, there are questions.  Do you forego the restorative, nourishing effects of a quality, not-to-mention considerably pricey, eye cream just to keep your makeup on??  Could cheap eye cream really be the way to go? How about cheap by day, thick & greasy by night?  But mostly, is this guy a genius or what??

And there you have it.  Case closed.