DIVA DISH: Lost and Foundation

DIVA DISH: Lost and Foundation

Photo: SCB

I once was lost but now I’m found…

With renewed hope and optimism for a cosmetics category I’d written off for dead.

I recently found myself perched atop what felt to me like a bar stool, only there was no bar in sight.  Still, there were vultures.  And I really could have used a drink.

Standing there before me was a Trish McEvoy makeup artist armed with foundation in hand, preparing to pounce.

I debated swatting her off and bolting, an acceptable practice in an actual bar.

Against my better judgment, I practiced self-restraint and resolved to talk her out of this unnecessary and antiquated step in my fall makeover.

As I started to verbalize aloud the PG version of what I had been not-so-nicely muttering in my head, she stopped me and actually gave me the full-blown sales pitch on this new “non-foundation foundation.”

I explained that I knew a thing or two about beauty, and foundation just had no place in my routine.

She continued with the pitch, explaining the multiple benefits of the foundation.  Benefits you could not get from the simple dusting of loose powder and little concealer I had been using under my bronzer.

She went on talking but I heard only noise as I was fixated on her now to see if her face had any infamous ring-around-the-jawline.  Then to see if her skin looked like it was suffocating under a mask of makeup.

I was sizing her up.

Did she qualify to dispense beauty recommendations to a woman who knew better?

15 minutes later I was buying the very foundation that first sent panic coursing through my body.

Curious about the faith-restoring benefits of the Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation that converted me??

-SPF 15, a must these days.  (I look for it in my moisturizer, my face products, my eye creams, even my lipsticks and glosses.) Plus dual-action peptides, green tea and antioxidants.  All offer preventative and restorative properties.

-So light they call it weightless!  And it feels that way when you’re wearing it.

-Created for layering so a girl can carefully build color or go for sheer coverage.  Works to even skin tone and erase fine lines.

-All-day formulation won’t disappear when you’re changing your bag, accessories and heels for a simple day-to-night transformation.

The product is being defined as “the marriage of color and skincare.”

I don’t see those two divorcing anytime in the near future.

Disclaimer: I truthfully only use foundation occasionally at night when I have special plans, despite this all-day claim that sounded so nice.  If you too are foundation-averse, you may want to try it for special occasions only.  I think it’s nice to include the extra step when you want to look your best or, alternatively, you don’t want to look your worst and end up tagged in someone else’s great picture.