DIVA DISH: Tagger-Proof Yourself

DIVA DISH: Tagger-Proof Yourself

Photo: SCB

In today’s world, everyone is a star. 

Conversely, everyone is subject to average-person papparazzi… otherwise know as - TAGGERS.  (You know who you are.)

Worse than frenemies, taggers post pictures without consideration or discernment… and more, they TAG unsuspecting and undeserving innocent “friends.”


But now everyday stars like you and me can take measures so as not to end up on the very public and far-reaching “WORLD WIDE web” looking like a hot mess.

Enter Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener. 

Brush it on and blend it in. 

It could be 3am and you may be 3 sheets to the wind, but at least you’ll look fresh and alert in the photographic documentation that will surely be posted for all to see.