DIVA DOES… Almu Lingerie

DIVA DOES… Almu Lingerie

I recently attended a Surface Magazine dinner party at Omar’s La Ranita celebrating Spanish Style. Having lived in (and fallen madly in love with) Spain for 8 months post-college, it is something I could toast any and every day. The love of color and texture, the embodiment of passion and drama, the emotion revealed in and evoked by Spanish art and architecture and fashion and design – it’s why I never wanted to leave. 

The brands displayed at the event ranged from jewelry to apparel to home decor to lingerie to footwear and accessories. Each item, of course, felt special.

Having recently gone through many of my photos from my time in Spain, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and in search of that magic that was once part of my daily life. So I decided to explore the designers’ websites and pick out a summer item from each to share with you.


If casual glamour exists, it comes to life in Custo Barcelona where unapologetic color meets abstract and graphic prints. How SUPERcute is this t-shirt for Sunday Funday or doing makeup on set?! Loves it.


In our travels as well as our everyday life, we all need support. Sometimes it’s strong and sturdy and sometimes it comes in a more delicate form. These pretty bralettes from Almu are all made in Spain from hand-dyed, 100% natural fabrics and surprisingly support small and large busts alike.


Could this bag be any happier? It may as well be a smile and a wink on a shoulder strap. Perfect for summer brights or head-to-toe white, it is pure joy. PS, I live for pompoms and I know I’m not the only one.


The perfect yet unexpected pairing of summer colors and geometric shapes, the Twiggy collection from Anton Heunis reads as cool and quirky. Perfect with a ribbed tank and denim culottes or a retro daydress.


This pillow is PERFECTION. For the pantone-, pixel-, or just pretty-things-obsessed, it is for the home like the perfect shoe is for the outfit. Not just completion but elevation. Plus, both my OCD tendencies and my creative side feel equally satisfied by this organized colorburst.

What else can I say… !VIVA ESPAÑA!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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