DIVA DISH: Sephora Eyebrow Stencil Kit

DIVA DISH: Sephora Eyebrow Stencil Kit

Bold brows are in and looks like they’re staying a while. So if you’re not Cara Delevingne blessed, and you also can’t freehand a brow with pencil or powder for the life of you, well then — Sephora stencils to the rescue…

The Sephora Collection Fall In Line Brow Stencil kit comes with 6 stencil shapes, plus a dual-ended brush for color and comb-through. For just 12 bucks. 

To use it, you first need to choose your shape. If you want something more natural, press each one to your brow using the inner and outer corners as your guide and select the brow stencil that best fits your natural shape. If you want to alter your natural shape, choose the stencil that’s most desirable to you. When doing 20s makeup, for example, you may want to use a thinner stencil and then for any hairs outside of the stencil, make them “invisible” with concealer. As with anything in makeup, the approach depends on the desired outcome.

After you’ve decided which stencil you’ll be using, you simply load up the slanted bristle side with your desired brow color. For a natural look, go one shade lighter than your own (ideally with an ashy/taupe undertone). For a more dramatic look, go way darker or way lighter — or even play with unexpected colors.

Then apply the color inside the stencil with one hand as you hold it firmly against your head with the other. You can also fill in with a brow pencil if, like me, that’s your preference.

And viola! First brow done.

Next, take a makeup remover towelette or a damp tissue and clean the stencil so that no makeup gets on your skin when you flip the stencil over to repeat the process on your other brow. You’ll thank me later for this step.

And there you have it. Brows for days. Easy breezy, baby.


PS, how about those big beautiful windows in my new apartment that you can see, crystal clear, in my pupils. What a happy accident :)

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