For a product that is so EFFORTLESS to apply, it took me FOREVER to capture an angle that properly shows it off. 

This, my friends and lovers, is beautyADDICTS glimmerSHEER ($28). It’s half shimmer (described by the brand as “a soft focus luminizing luster”) and half sheen (described as “a crystal clear balm that hydrates and enhances glowing skin”).

It’s a half and half deal and I whole heart love it.

Of the four shades, I was sent GLOW to review and to be honest, was a bit surprised upon opening it to find it was purple. I love a purple eye and lately I can get into purple lips – but purple as an all-over face product? Maybe not so much.


I first tested it on the top of my hand. Immediately I found the squishy jelly side to bounce back light gorgeously with just a dewy hint of lavender and the creamy highlighter side to pop as a fresh radiant pink-tinted violet. I hardly used any product to get the desired result. Pretty great payoff. In fact, just really pretty, period.

Unlike some indie products I’m sent, I couldn’t wait to get it on my face.

I applied it over a very basic base, made up of a drop of sheer foundation (YSL Le Teint Touche Èclat), a touch of brow pencil (Shobha) and a single coat of precision mascara (Katherine cosmetics). Using my fingers, I patted the shimmery side onto my eyelids from lashline to crease and over my lips. I used whatever was left and pressed it on my cheeks. Then I tapped the balmy side on my browbones, down the bridge of my nose, on top of my cheekbones and along my cupid’s bow. 

The effect is subtle yet stunning.

I kept staring at it from all different angles. Which explains my unusual positioning in the picture. The glimmerSHEER really enhances features best as light reflects off them.




I loved it alone as pictured but of course had a million ideas (all at once!) of ways to mix it and integrate it into other beauty looks too.

What do you think?? 

Is it time to give purple some play?

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review and/or for my use as a professional makeup artist.