DIVA DISH: Beach Blues

DIVA DISH: Beach Blues

Experimenting with a lot of BLUE this season. And I know I’m not the only one.

Since I’m the kind of girl who likes to play favorites, I felt it only right to share what I’m digging of late.

Here are my Top 3 Beach Blues, and surprisingly none are spring/summer launches but instead beauty staples I personally use and continually restock in my pro kit.

LIQUID EYELINER: This Wet N Wild MegaLiner in Indigo Blue is INSANE. First, it’s so easy to apply. You simply glide the thin brush along your lashline (and extend up at the outer corner for a fun cat-eye if desired). You can run the brush over the painted line a second time to fill in any gaps and for added thickness. Once it dries, it’s not going ANYWHERE. Second, the color is chic and unexpected. As the name suggests, like denim. And third, it’ll only cost you a cool $2.99. Seriously.

PENCIL EYELINER: This NYX Slide-On Pencil in Sunrise Blue is AHHHHH-mazing. I love it for it’s ultra-vibrant shade (it’s one badass blue) and total blendability. It also stays put once in place. Just 8 bucks, girls, and best believe, the compliments will keep coming every time.

NAIL POLISH: Every day can be New Year’s Eve festive with this confetti glitter on your fingertips. The sequin-like formula from Essie becomes seasonally-appropriate in this FAB blue hue, appropriately called Stroke of Brilliance. Retails for $8 – but why pay retail when you can get it online for $6.



Note: Beware tired eyes above!

More important note: This post is not sponsored. Select samples were provided for review and/or for my use as a professional makeup artist.


  1. 1te9k50kitrf6

    Hmm, blue is so intriguing! I’m loving the Essie polish and definitely interested in trying some of OCC’s products! 

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Blue is also not going anywhere for fall… We are going to to see a lot of denim and navy blue eyeshadows and blue smoky eyes. Not mad at it!!