DIVA DISH: Can You Take Me Higher

DIVA DISH: Can You Take Me Higher

Some days you wake up to sad news or you find yourself disappointed by a friend who let you down or you realize that simply loving someone isn’t always enough. And sometimes those things happen all at once.

Diagnosis: You’re crushed.

Rx: You need a lift.

I recently eyed these hot ombre patent heels in the window of Aldo in Soho while shopping for holiday gifts. (Don’t you always find the best stuff for yourself when you’re desperately searching for others??) And it came to me….. They say when you just can’t take another step, Jesus carries you. But he’s very busy right now with Christmas, so maybe these heels could temporarily (and literally) lift me!

Being distraught also clouds decision-making – so I of course bought them in brown AND grey.

A major perk — shelling out only a fraction of what I’d pay for the designer version of this contemporary heel that will remain current for a few seasons at most. And nobody but me (and all you) knowing the difference!

And best of all, the 5″ heel won’t add to your misery. These pumps have a 1″ hidden platform built in, bestowing height without hobble.

(Photos: SCB)

Sometimes life will knock you off your feet.

Isn’t it great to be able to get back up in fabulous footwear??