DIVA DISH: Friends with Benefits

DIVA DISH: Friends with Benefits

You know the arrangement. Friend by day, lover by… 3am text.

It’s not always ideal with men but multiple benefits are a sure thing in cosmetics.

Coincidentally cliché – three of my favorite products boasting a many-for-the-price-of-one special are actually from the Benefit brand:

HollywoodGlo Highlighter -For that special It Girl glow, dab it on all the places you want to draw attention to: cheekbones, shoulders, décolletage…

SheLAQ Makeup Sealant – Cements your cosmetic handiwork, so to speak, by sealing brows, lids, lashes and lips.

Miss Popularity Precision Highlighter – Opens and brightens up the eye when applied to the inner corner. Enhances a well-groomed brow when applied to the browbone. Plumps a lip (visually) when lightly applied to center and blended.