DIVA DOES… The New Nose Job

DIVA DOES… The New Nose Job

In the world of eyebrows, there are only a few key players. And any brow aficionado can narrow it down to the two best in class – Anastasia for the west coast and Eliza Petrescu for the east (although both now have locations on each other’s turf).

I happen to be a loving and intensely loyal Eliza disciple. I fully adhere to her gospel on waxing, tweezing and trimming and am entranced by her artistry. (Note: I cannot speak to Anastasia, as I have not experienced her work.)

Every three months or so, I host an event with Eliza where she magically and non-surgically transforms my face along with the faces of my colleagues and friends by simply removing a few strands of strategically placed hair. As each woman leaves the holy room, there are oooh and aaahs from the others. Then each transformee finds herself a mirror so as to admire the work and, naturally, herself (only better). The process is pretty standard yet never fails to fill the room with optimism and group love.

And then there are those times that blast the predictability of it all.

Such was the case this week.

My dear friend Salma showed up with excitement and anticipation (a first-timer!!!). She waited patiently all night for the very last appointment. Eliza earlier had explained what she planned to do for Salma to balance and shape her brows, so there would be no surprises – or so we all thought.

Salma re-entered the group with FABULOUS brows.

And a little something…. extra.

Turns out Eliza felt she needed a few tweaks a few inches south of the brow. And without much warning or heed to her hesitation, waxed her lip. AND then, despite her panicked expression and choice word of “wait!”………………… her nostrils!!!!!!!!!! Honest to god.

Talk about a full-service operation…

The best part about the whole unbelievable experience, Salma claims it didn’t hurt a bit.

And while I prefer to keep my nostrils virginal where it pertains to hot wax, it solidifies my initial thinking: Eliza is divine.