New Religion (Leggings Lesson)

New Religion (Leggings Lesson)

Very important question posed by a reader who happened upon my blog through the following search words:

Is it bad to wear leggings to church?

The rule is quite simple and you can always refer to my very first post entitled ‘The 10 Commandments of Leggings’ to find it.

The answer, dear reader, is that both God and I don’t mind the leggings so much as the exposed ass that all too often accompanies them.  For the love of Him and Me, please COVER your backside with a longer top, tunic, sweater…  To repeat – if it doesn’t cover the FULL behind, big or small/round or flat, it just doesn’t work. 

And then, yes, it is indecent, and redemption will require many many Hail Marys.