DIVA DISH: Dynamic Duos

DIVA DISH: Dynamic Duos

Batman & Robin.

Betty & Veronica.

Ken & Barbie.

He-Man & She-Ra.

Natalie & Tuti.

Brenda & Kelly.

LC & Brody.

Stacey & Clinton.

I must admit I’ve always had a thing for dynamic duos.

Whether it’s the drama or the intensity, I can’t resist the allure.

My favorite couple of the week:

Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow in 07 Noir Emeraude & Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Covet.

Undeniably better together than apart, this duo combines to make the perfect smoky eye in non-traditional, unexpected emerald green tones.

Want to play match-maker??

Step 1: Line lower inner lid and above the upper lash line with metallic pencil.

Step 2: Fill in upper lid from lash line to crease with the shadow.

Step 3: Lightly trace lower lid beneath the lash line with shadow.

Step 4: Smolder….

(Photo: SCB)