DIVA DISH: Mistletoe Lips

DIVA DISH: Mistletoe Lips

Tis the season of kissing underneath mistletoe, which demands a moist, plump pout – not to mention someone sexier than Santa to plant one on.

Tis also the season of chapped dry lips, which requires women planning to pucker up to first dab on a little WonderBalm.

It’s been called a “supersalve” and a “magic ointment,” — usable all over in case that kissing gets out of hand.

Intended to soften and heal dry lips, elbows, knees and heels, Daily Candy once (way back in July 2006) urged nonconventional ladies to “add it to [their] makeup bag for when [they] need to tame flyaway hair and keep eyebrows in place. Dab it on over lipstick, blush, and eye shadow for a dewy finish.” It really goes anywhere from cracked cuticles to the tip of your nose when too many tissues have taken their toll to the seemingly sweet earlobe that’s secretly jealous of all the play those lips are getting.

Go ahead, pat on the product and seek out some mistletoe. First base awaits you!

(Photo: SCB)