DIVA DOES… Fashion Crimes & Misdemeanors

DIVA DOES… Fashion Crimes & Misdemeanors

I have a confession. I have been charged with numerous crimes of which I am guilty:

CHARGE: Accused of being matchy-matchy. An insult that under no circumstance should be hurled recklessly. I personally call it “put together” but I can’t lie – I do have a panache for pairing a metallic gold stiletto with a metallic gold clutch, for example. I think it can sharply tie together a look. I also believe I can pull it off.

CHARGE: Buying multiples. Hey, if it fits you just right, why not get it in black, white, red, silver…?? Originality takes a back seat if I love it that much.

CHARGE: Accused of expending more energy on a cute gym outfit than on a long gym workout. I can’t help it! It would take me more time to actually dress myself in a “functional” and “practical” look (and somehow make it look as though I randomly threw it together). I’m content and, dare I say, more motivated with my little yoga pants and matching sports bras and tanks, finished off with fun sneaks and the ever-fabulous Shuga Buds and pink ipod. I dress for the occasion, and the gym is an occasion definitely requiring a little extra inspiration.

CHARGE: Exposing cleavage. I happen to think it deserves to be admired every now and again before gravity sneaks in and steals its thunder. Certainly it requires good judgment and maybe even a second opinion but so long as it’s tasteful… I say no harm, no foul.

CHARGE: Bras (simple, sleek bras) with backless dresses. Carrie Bradshaw made me do it!!

Now that I’ve put it all out there, anyone else care to confess???!