DIVA DISH: Faking It

DIVA DISH: Faking It

I’m a pro at playing the part.

It’s not because I’m tired.  I have no headache.  And I’m not adverse to doing the work and exerting the effort. 

It’s just that I take pride in my performance which I believe to be equal, if not superior, to the real thing.

Today alone I put on quite a show.

From head to toe, I worked it. 

Here’s how.

BEDHEAD. People pay for this.  Just google Drew Barrymore at this year’s Golden Globes.  But I say – why get taken for a (pricey) ride?  Instead, DIY.  How to?  Sleep.  Wake.  Don’t wash. It’s…. genius.  To amp it up a notch, and give the crowd what they really want, generously cover your strands with Pantene Texturize Spray.  You can even flip to give the underside a shot for major volume.     


FAUX GLOW.  Sure, I just got back from vacation, but no one (besides you divas) needs to know that while I lightly apply spf 15 to my body, I liberally coat spf 30 all over my face and eyes.  I admit in my ‘older age’ I’d like to avoid sun damage and wrinkles at all costs, but I still can’t run around town with an ivory face and a caramel body.  Instead, I even the score with Paul Dorf’s Bronze Glimmer. 


MULTICHAIN NECKLACES.  Before JLo was spotted in hers, I had mine.  Except these were $34.50 with a Buy 1, Get 1 50% offer at Express.  Buy two and layer them on with the other silver chains I’m sure you can dig through a jewelry drawer to find.  Own the look for under 50 bucks.  Ain’t no shame in being budget these days.  And even if there were, NO ONE will know.


FANCY FOOTWORK. These boots are from the “high-end” Nine West line called Boutique 9.  They were originally $250.  I found them on sale at Bloomies for $180 or so.  WHAT a steal.  I got on line with my two $25 Bloomies bucks that came with my credit card bill this month.  My total, yes total, for the transaction: THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS AND FOURTY NINE CENTS.  The boots were additionally reduced and still are (currently $87.49 without the coupons).  RUN to get yourself a pair.  They come in this butterly black leather and a creamy camel version.  They are on-sale at ninewest.com too but not nearly as discounted as the department store deal.  Women have asked me if they are (INSERT VARIOUS HIGH END LUXURY GOODS BRAND HERE) and I think I may stop confessing the truth and just start nodding yes.  The show must go on, right?!