Diva Dish: Hand Picked

Diva Dish: Hand Picked

In the words of gorgeous and talented designer MJ Barton, who doesn’t need some “rock & roll for their wrist??!”

Men’s WARRIOR Bracelet

Women’s JOPLIN Bracelet

I know I do ;)

And I’ve been rocking my Electric Picks bracelets since the day I did makeup for the shoot last week. Getting compliments left and right, I might add. I snatched the one pictured at the bottom in the series above, plus two similar ones to stack.

Electric Picks bracelets are handmade and one of a kind using custom or vintage guitar picks plus gemstones and accent pieces (skulls, handcuffs, guns…). The bracelets retail from $65-85.

They are kind of my new thing. And the perfect gift for anyone with a little edge (or who desperately needs some).

So…back to beauty… rock & roll jewelry requires rock & roll makeup. Obvi.

Here are some unretouched first-round images from the shoot….

The photographer, Diana Levine was PHENOM and models Kacie Schiffer and Christopher Riano looked insane.