Diva Dish: Twinkle Tips

Diva Dish: Twinkle Tips

Running around in a towel and a towel turban is a daily occurrence for me.

In my personal life I tend to operate on euro time (when I say 7, I mean 7:30… 8?). But when it comes to work, I’m speed racer doing a million things at once to get out the door. Every minute is accounted for and when something unplanned for happens (an urgent call, a bad blowout…) I need quick solutions.

Such was the case this week when my mani, which was beyond perf through Saturday, decided to chip and crack into a hot mess on Sunday.

I could have tossed on a sheer and called it a day – but nails are the new statement jewelry and I hate to disappoint my clients and friends.

What’s a girl with bad nails to do?

Enter toppers!!

What did we do before them? They go over any base color and because they are inconsistent by nature as they are applied, there’s no need for a perfectly steady hand or any precision. Brush it on, let it dry. Even a little smudge or two will go undetected. Toppers also tend to dry super fast, whether they’re crackle or glitter, allowing you to get on with the show.

This week I layered Essie Luxe Effects in Set in Stones over Barielle Out-Grey-Geous.

The pic hardly does it justice. They honestly looked like little sequins – total twinkle tips. Just gorge.

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