DIVA DOES… Sandscript

DIVA DOES… Sandscript

Some say the family that prays together stays together – and that very well may be true. But for my family, we believe you can swap our prayer with some of these bonding activities…

The family that drinks together stays together. (Another bottle of red, please.)

The family that sweats together stays together. (Gym on Christmas morning? Obvi.)

The family that beaches together stays together. (Hurry up ldiva, we’re missing the “good sun.”)

And we Cosenzas sum it all up with one word…

Which is what my brother and I chose to have written in the sands of Breezy Point NY (where we spent all of our childhood summers) and photographed for my parents’ new beachfront pad down in Boca.

Beachwritings from The Blue Bungalow can be any size (for us 40”… go big or go bigger) and can be customized with your message, frame, accent color, etc. They are simple yet meaningful, reasonably priced, and the perfect seasonal gift.

Artist Liz Smith-Breslin did such a fabulous job that we may all get one for our respective spots, where cozytime is not just a luxury but a lifestyle. Consider that gospel.