DIVA DISH: Homemade Beauty With Annie Strole (Recipe 2 of 3: Vanilla Mint Body Scrub)

DIVA DISH: Homemade Beauty With Annie Strole (Recipe 2 of 3: Vanilla Mint Body Scrub)

For those that missed it, last week I debuted a collaboration with makeup artist, beauty lover and author of Homemade Beauty, Annie Strole!

Annie’s book is filled with 150 all-natural, DIY beauty recipes that are super simple and also tons of fun to whip up at home. Seriously. They make for amazing gifts… or activities to do on a date or girls night in… or just to #treatyoself. [For more on the concept of Homemade Beauty, check out my interview with Annie here.]

For our second recipe, Annie created a DIVAlicious original – that happens to be PERF for winter and also for Valentine’s.

So without further adieu, behold Annie’s Vanilla Mint Body Scrub.


This invigorating scrub uses peppermint essential oil to perk up your skin and your senses. White sugar thoroughly exfoliates rough winter skin while coconut oil hydrates and protects. Perfect for soft, silky, smooth skin!


  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, liquefied
  • 15 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


I am OBSESSED with this scrub. First, it smells incredible. Like, divine. Which I guess isn’t all that crazy since it’s made of sugar, vanilla, peppermint and coconut (all amazing on their own) but the combo scent is really just YUM. 

As for results, I love that the scrub both sloughs off dead flaky skin while reviving dry chalky skin.

And it’s kind of super sensual in that the texture feels amazing as you apply it and then after it leaves your skin so supple and glowing. (Couple’s spa night, anyone??)

Now you know how I love me a beauty multi-tasker. Well I used the Vanilla Mint body scrub just this morning — and lately my skin has been parched and scaly (GROSS)– and it works so well I really had no need for moisturizer or body lotion post-shower. 

This scrub is everything it needs to be and more. 

I fully recommend you try it!! You can also have fun testing other essential oils in the mix.

PS, can we talk about how CUTE (and beautiful) Annie is?!?

For more deliciousness, check back for the remaining recipe in our Homemade Beauty Series. And obvi, buy Annie’s book to try them all!!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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    Love this– definitely trying it soon!