DIVA DISH: How to get your eyeliner to stay on all summer

DIVA DISH: How to get your eyeliner to stay on all summer


It’s an all year problem but in the summer it only gets worse.

Your eyeliner… will… not… stay… on.

Mother. Humper.

It is soooooo annoying.

Well, whether your liner of choice is gel, powder or even pencil, this $8 (yes, eight dollar) product may just swoop in and be your hero. [Cue that Bonnie Tyler.]

Cinema Secrets Liquid Eyeliner Sealer is a liquid housed in a little .50 fl. oz. squeezy bottle. Makeup artists use it in all sorts of ways from lightly brushing it on top of applied cream liner to adding drops straight to cake liner (or really any eyeshadow) and saturating the liner brush with the mixture before gliding it on. Some even lightly pat it over an entire finished eyeshadow look for longwear and waterproofing. This I have yet to try but am all about.

I find that the sealer can lift product if you don’t apply it verrrry gently over already applied liner so I like to mix the liner of my choice and the sealant on my brush first and then apply. I have found this to work even with pencil liners (creamy or not)! I apply the pencil generously to the back of my hand and mix it using a precision eyeliner brush with just a touch of the sealer and then apply.

Even inexpensive (and I’m talkin’ super cheap) liners or eyeshadows will transform into pigmented and longwear formulas.

2015-04-26 17.37.06

It’s pretty cray and pretty AWESOME.

Incredible bang for your buck plus it really opens up the door for creativity as you can try any color or finish powder eyeshadow or eye pencil, or cream shadow or gel, or…. The pretty possibilities are endless.

So excited about this little guy. Please let me know if it works as well for you!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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