Diva Dish: Nailing Halloween

Diva Dish: Nailing Halloween

Scratch the sooooo-played-out sexy schtick this Halloween and instead create a kickass costume.

Seriously, you won’t need all that T&A hanging out when you complete your look with these insane-in-the-good-way CND nail designs.

Added bonus: they’re so awesome you’ll want to wear them well into November.

So without further adieu, here are…


10. Here comes the Queeeeeen. Let ‘em know. That’s right. You better redneckognize.

9. Be the envy of every twi-hard. As Mrs. Edward Cullen

8. Party like it’s your birthday. Or like it’s Rod Gronkowski’s birthday.

7. Fist pump like the hot mom you are.

6. Give in to your dark passenger. And take a memento.

5. You’re so money. Make sure everyone knows it. 1% club, baby.

4. Be brazen as the poster child for the Illuminati. Ri Ri don’t care.

3. Don’t be afraid to take what’s yours. Claim the Iron Throne.

2. Fly like a squirrel. And do your hair however the hell you want while you’re grabbing gold.

1. Show some Zumba pride. Trick or treat, you ask? Trick!