Diva Dish: Lauder Luminizers

Diva Dish: Lauder Luminizers

If you’re a rockstar at work or at home, you already know what making magic is all about. It’s what you do. But every rockstar still needs a few tricks up her sleeve.

This Fall, under Creative Director Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder is taking its turn at the magic-making game and inviting you to play.

With the recent introduction of Lip Luminizers in the Pure Color Vivid Shine collection, you can now mix and match any single lip-color with four topcoat lumizers to change the shade and finish (Gunmetal and Pearlescent shown above along with Victoria’ Secret New Color Drama Lipstick in Exquisite).

Now if you’re a makeup mixer like me, this may seem more Abracadabra than David Blaine but I promise you, they are really fun to play with.

From Gunmetal (grey shimmer) to Pearlescent (white shimmer) to Lame (bronze shimmer) to Foil (rosegold shimmer), they pack a punch layered over your favorite lippies.

And if the return of the matte has you snoring by now, these are perfect to add some sparkle to rich shades you love with flat finishes you’re over. (Can you say, holiday party perfection?!)

Soooo, for my first and only trick, I will now show you the single satin-finish shade from above paired with the two toppers, plus the toppers on their own. Viola!