DIVA DISH: 5 New Makeup Products Worth That Cash Money

DIVA DISH: 5 New Makeup Products Worth That Cash Money

As you guys know, a lot of beauty products (and other assorted goods) pass my desk. Very few do I keep for my personal collection. I mean, select stars make it into my pro kit, but rarely is there something I absolutely need to hold onto just for me. New additions really need to earn their keep. And their storage space in my apartment.

These 5 newbies impressed me BIGTIME, though. And made it passed several tough cuts to end up, post-testing-and-review, in my own private stash.

I figured you may be curious about them… Like, what makes them so special? What sets them apart? And why would you spend your hard-earned cash to add them to your collection?

So here’s the deal…


#1. Velvet 59 Liquid Lipstick, $20 each

These Matte to the Max Liquid Lipsticks only come in 4 shades, and personally, I find that appealing! Sometimes an extensive shade range can be overwhelming. With these you can custom mix shades if you really want more options, but I think the four existing shades cover the main bases beautifully.

What I love about the formula is that is dries down to a super-longwear matte and – BONUS – it’s vegan! Sacha Inchi oil from the Amazon and Vitamin E are added in to ensure the formula isn’t uncomfortably drying (as many longwear matte products are) and you can also layer over this product once it dries. Top it with a gloss or creamy lipstick or a balm or whathaveyou.

It’s the PERFECT base lip product. I highly recommend it for nights where you want eat, drink, kiss and be merry and not end up losing your lip or having to constantly reapply. Like a wedding, for example.

DIVA TIP: A single coat is FULLY opaque and I like to tap the product at the edges of my lips to soften the look. Vanilla Macaroon is my go-to shade.


#2. Lucie + Pompette Lip Batter, $16.50 each + $18.50 for cases

Ok yes, the packaging is ADORBS!!! But I swear I did not allow that to sway my opinion of this lip treatment-slash-gloss that is also (wait for it……) a PLUMPER!

This thick (but not sticky!) gloss conditions and nourishes lips and stays on for hours. It is also vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. The 5 shades are all sheer and super flattering. And your pout will looking poutier without any fancy makeup tricks!

Plus, it has a light vanilla scent that makes Lip Batter even more delicious! I wear this pretty much every day, since it arrived, either alone or on top of something else.

DIVA TIP: Wear this on a date! Your lips will be shiny, supple and plump — and it’s a kissable formula. Meaning if whoever you kiss ends up wearing it, it won’t be the worst thing!

DIVAlicious Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review 1DIVAlicious Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review 2DIVAlicious Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review 0

#3. Osmosis Water Colors Loose Eyeshadow, $14 each

I originally assumed these were called Water Colors because of the jewel-tone shade range and possibly a sheer finish. Wrong.

These loose pigments are actually made from “concentrated minerals bound around water molecules.” When you apply them, the tiny water molecules burst, leaving gorgeous pigmented mineral color that is so rich and luxe and bouncy you cannot believe the price point. 

When I first tested them I was in awe. Now you know I truly LOVE loose pigments and use them in all types of ways (my makeup sorcery, obvi…) but these are like when you wet your brush to apply loose pigments to create that killer effect — except you don’t have to do that step. You can tap these on with a fingertip!

The Water Colors are infused with antioxidants, vitamins and extracts so the wet-look color stays put and stays vibrant and shimmery. I’m talking really gorgeous finish and wear.

DIVA TIP: Experiment with pigments and mix shades for custom color. I love sexy dark Onyx over the full lid with antique gold Topaz pressed over in the center only. I also like them blended together to add more richness and dimension, and to create a unique old gold sooty shade.

divalicious make up for ever ultra hd foundation 1 divalicious make up for ever ultra hd foundation 2 divalicious make up for ever ultra hd foundation 3

#4. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover and Cover Stick Foundation, $43 each for liquids and creams

If you haven’t been hearing the buzz about these foundations, I will come rescue you from under the rock. Don’t worry! I’m coming! I will save you and then share samples with you.

For everyone else, YES – they are worth the hype.

The liquid foundation looks good and feels good. Actually, I should say it looks like nothing on and feels like nothing on – just some faux flawless in a bottle. Amazing for everyday or in front of the camera. Like a second (but better) skin.

AND it comes in 40 shades so finding a skintone match (or having to mix your own) won’t be an issue.

Now, about that cream stick. I’m OBSESSED. It’s long-lasting but NOT cakey. And glides on like a dream. It’s just what you want for areas that need a bit more coverage and also incredible to use as your contour and highlight if you choose shades that are darker and lighter than your natural skintone.

Whereas the liquid provides medium coverage, the cream stick can be layered to go from medium to full coverage. But it’s honestly still nearly as light in weight. Like a whipped cream versus a dry stick. In fact, the finish is glowy too. It’s pretty awesome.

DIVA TIP: Use the liquid when you first do your makeup over your full face (you don’t need much) and then just tap a touch of the stick over any areas that need it. Then toss the stick into your purse for your touchups. If you even need any!



#5. Artis Makeup Brushes, prices vary based on brush and brush set

Artis has a full page on how their brushes are different and superior. Here it is. I really encourage you guys to read it. Especially if you’re on the fence about them.

Some of the key points that I find most impressive: superior blending, versatile (they can be used with powders, liquids or creams), uniform application, gentle feel (it should say divine!) and modern construction that is more natural for self-application.

Seriously, the bristles on these brushes are so dense and yet so soft… Makeup just glides on and the brushes don’t steal product from you – they lift and deposit – so there is minimal waste and you get more use out of your color cosmetics. You are also basically buffing product onto your face, and the bristles are aligned in such a precise formation, that the final look is blended to perfection without much work on your part. 

And don’t get me started on the Circle 1 brush. If you need to spot correct or hide an imperfection or scar or tattoo, DIVAS, this is your secret weapon. Tap and press it on to skin using the product of your choice and whatever is hidden will remain your little secret.

The Linear 1 is also bomb.com. And not just for eyeliner, although naturally it’s amazing for that. But I use it when I’m done with a cateye or smoky cateye with a dab of concealer to clean up and perfect that outer edge. It takes your eye work from pretty to pretty on-point. Similarly, you can use it to clean the edge of the lipline if you do a dramatic lip look.

I originally was sent brushes from the Elite Mirror Collection when the line launched and more recently received several from the Fluenta Collection – and I have to say I love them all. Like LIVE for them. If I had to choose I would say I prefer Fluenta over Elite, but only because I find the white handles get makeup on them easily and are harder to keep clean.


You can’t go wrong with any Artis brush from any Artis collection.

So beauty lovers, there you have it. Five new makeup products worth your hard-earned cash money. Let me know your thoughts and also if you want to share any other newbies we should get acquainted with…


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for editorial consideration and/or my use as a professional makeup artist. All photos are property of DIVAlicious.

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