This marks my first ever review of a product I don’t know works.

But given the nature of the product and my personal experience, I felt it worthy of a writeup.

NovoScarMD™ is a cream that claims to “reverse damage from existing scars, new scars, keloids and stretch marks, and returns skin to nearly normal plasticicty and color.” I was shipped the maximum strength physician‘s formula version, which is available only through doctor’s offices and medi-spas. It’s a 1.5 oz tube and to be honest, I’m not sure of its exact cost. The NON-Rx version goes for $39.95 and can be purchased online.

NovoScar differentiates itself from other scar creams in that it’s key ingredient (currently patent-pending) is “a cell-free concentration of multiple growth factors derived from purified human umbilical cord serum.” Seriously.

Whereas other products trap moisture and soften scars so the skin layers peel off, NovoScar is “proven” to instantly stimulate skin repair. It starts to work within an hour. The serum is said to disrupt and reverse the scar process so that it’s ”Like It Never Happened” – which is the brand tagline. While results vary from person to person, an average area of damage takes 6 weeks of 3x/day application. For older or larger scars, it can take up to 3 months.

Here’s my scar:

I got it while down the Jersey shore last summer at a boutique hotel in Long Branch. Our suite had a electric fireplace and a glass wall around it. I leaned back for a split second, not realizing the wall itself would be burning hot – and viola! #INSTABURN. Really pretty, as you can see in the image on the left, which isn’t event the worst. 

I immediately started with Rx creams prescribed by the doctor who took my emergency visit the next day, then graduated to even better creams once I got in to see the Derm Duo, who also gave me multiple red light treatments and made me swear I would not have any sun exposure on it. (Thank god for those girls!)

After six or seven months, I just made sure to keep it well moisturized. Which get us to a full year later and the image on right. Not 100% perfect but MUCH better.

I only wish I had NovoScar at the time of the accident. Because while I did start to see very verrrry minor improvement after starting the 3x/day NovoScar regimen, I think my scar was already kind of in a place where it’s as good as it’s gonna get — unless I opt to do Fraxel and start anew with healing and try the cream again.

I also admittedly didn’t use the cream religiously 3x/day. My schedule is just too nuts for it. Having said that, at the time of the incident, when I was fully consumed with not having an ugly mark on my shoulder, I’m sure I would have been much more disciplined.

So, in a nutshell, the innovation and ingredients and claims of this product all sound pretty amazing. I just personally can’t say for sure if it does the job – or if it does the job for all scars, no matter the size, degree or length of time you’ve had them. But check out these before/after NovoScar pictures. They are definitely compelling…