DIVA DISH: Colour Fanatic Confidence

DIVA DISH: Colour Fanatic Confidence

Attending the Pureology launch event for their lastest hair beautifier Colour Fanatic reaffirmed one plain truth for me: 

Total confidence can be achieved simply by a great hair day. 

At the event, Colour Fanatic was misted all over my hair and then combed through prior to this blowout. 

The pictures don’t even do it justice. My hair was glossy, bouncy, voluminous, soft… And then some! 

I’ll get back to the product in a minute – because while made of 100% vegan ingredients including Pureology’s signature AntiFadeComplex, Fennel Seed Extract and various oils including olive and coconut and while boasting 21 distinct benefits – I think performance trumps claims.

So… I could not get a cab back from the event in the West Village to Nolita where I live and work. In NYC, at certain times of day, the cab situation is pretty dire. Which can be incredibly frustrating. Despite a bit of discomfort due to 5″ heels and high humidity, I decided to walk. Never could I have anticipated the reactions to this hair. I had cars honking with men waving, women turning to compliment me, a tourist couple stopping to ask me where I get my hair done, an older restaurant owner on Bleeker hoping I’d stick around to draw some customers and tons of wows and hellos. I had on light makeup and a dress I’ve worn several times before, never to this type of reaction. As my shiny hair bounced up and down the city streets, it mesmerized what is often described as a self-absorbed and somewhat jaded population. And let me tell you, I did not mind. I matched the reactions with a strong stride and felt a wave of supreme confidence. In only five words: The power of good hair.

Now, what exactly does Colour Fanatic do? It primes, protects and perfects your hair in the form of 21 benefits.

  1. Protects against color fade
  2. Serves as a leave-in conditioner
  3. Detangles
  4. Makes blow-drying easier
  5. Moisturizes
  6. Evens out porosity
  7. Weightlessly conditions
  8. Serves as an ideal cutting lotion
  9. Helps prevent split ends
  10. Helps prevent breakage
  11. Helps strengthen hair
  12. Protects against heat damage
  13. Shields against environmental damage
  14. Smooths hair
  15. Creates silkiness
  16. Helps seal hair cuticle
  17. Reduces dryness
  18. Controls frizz
  19. Reduces static
  20. Refreshes hair for restyling
  21. Adds shine

I was given a sample to take home and test myself and, while everyone’s hair has different needs and I consider mine to be pretty healthy, I’ve already experienced these benefits: detangles, moisturizes/conditions, protects against heat damage, smooths, creates silkiness, reduces dryness, (helps) control frizz (along with other styling products), adds shine. 

Pretty impressive for a single product that’ll run you $24 for a 6.7 oz. container.

Colour Fanatic will be available this September in salons nationwide. Visit Pureology.com for a salon near you.

Then turn heads and stop traffic! Trust me, it feels really good. 


Note: This post is not sponsored. Services and samples were provided for review.



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    Sounds amaaaaaazing!