DIVA DISH: 3 Everyday Essentials for my NYFW Survival Kit

DIVA DISH: 3 Everyday Essentials for my NYFW Survival Kit


It’s a beast. 

You dress to kill, you run around like crazy, you watch, you work, you network, you wait, you mingle, you hardly eat, you don’t sleep… and yet there’s still pressure to appear flawless til the bitter end – which is Thursday and can’t come soon enough for most.

This year I’ve relied on 3 beauty items to help aid in the flawless department (lifesavers for when I’m feeling anything but…).

And unlike years past, there’s no a bright lip color to detract from tired eyes or vibrant blush to fake feeling fresh-faced and energetic. 

This year, I went back to basics.


I recently tested the IOMA Sphere at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC. It’s a skincare machine that examines your face (real close) and not only gives you a personal skin reading across various measures (fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, clogged pores, dehydration, redness and oh so much more) but also personalized product recommendations and even custom-mixed creams to address your skin “issues.”  The IOMA luxury products will run you a pretty penny but the process is the most thorough I’ve experienced.  I left the counter with samples and among them, the FLASH YOUTH Eye Contour Concentrate.

It has become my NYFW go-to. 

FLASH YOUTH ($165 for 1 fl. oz.) is a concentrated cream that claims to moisturize, hydrate, firm, reduce puffiness, reduce dark circles and lift eyes. It’s really more like a serum in that it’s packed with high-end potent ingredients yet is not at all thick or heavy on skin. I instantly feel it working when I apply it; it’s soothing and ultra-refreshing. It even smells incredible. I can’t say whether or not my eyes appear lifted from daily wear at this early point in my usage, but for me it’s already delivered on the rest.   


No matter how sultry your smoky or kickass your cat, you’ll never look your best in all your social media selfies if you have dry, irritated, hazy or bloodshot eyes. They’re called the whites of your eyes for a reason. And while you can perfect your closed-mouth smile to hide less-than-crisp teeth, you can’t intentionally blink your way out of discolored eyes for every shot. Your friends and colleagues will think you’re crazy. Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, you could retouch your eyes to look pure white post-picture-taking, but why not look amaze in real life too.

These days I’m loving Rohto Cool Max eye drops ($7 for 0.4 fl. oz.). They provide immediate comfort and total clarity. Well, after burning like hell for a hot second. (Seriously.) But like the eye cream, you will instantly feel (and see!) this product working. Hence it’s cult following.


Here’s the thing. You can filter your photos. You can more-beauté them til your heart’s content. You can blur your every pore to the point where you’re completely unrecognizable. No judgement. Whatever makes you happy. But what you can’t do… You can’t trust others to do the same when the photos are on their phone.

Which is why I live for Clé de Peau’s new Sheer Fluid Veil with SPF 21 ($78 for 1 fl. oz.). It’s like a flattering filter in a fluid. Use it as a makeup primer that can be worn under foundation or alone with some spot concealer to cover any flaws. It creates a truly natural-looking radiance. Your face looks luminous and, as cliché as the term has gotten, “lit from within.” So even if you stayed out too late or drank too much (or in all likeliness, both), you still give good glow.



Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review. 

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