DIVA DISH: Pixi-lish, A Charcoal Celebration

DIVA DISH: Pixi-lish, A Charcoal Celebration

Behold my New York Fashion Week mani! New shade Charcoal Celebration by Pixi. Wore it with minimal chipping all over town. Even after digging through my kit while shooting this Cosmo story, even after stuffing my purse with press materials and printed show confirmations, even after typing up and editing all the reviews. The lacquer held up. This coming from a girl who chips on her way home from the nail salon.

Better yet, it goes with EVERYTHING. Kind of important over a week like that.

Better yet still, it has the attitude of a badass black with the added interest and dimension of gunmetal shimmer sprinkled in.

I was given a sample to test for the site, but you can get a bottle HERE for a cool 8 bucks. 

Worthy of a celebration, indeed.