Diva Dish: Power Serge

Diva Dish: Power Serge

The name Serge Normant is synonymous with Hollywood glamour and high-fashion. From covers to catwalks, Serge has styled the manes of A-listers far and wide. So it only makes sense that his eponymous hair care line reeks of luxury.

I recently had the privilege of testing The Essentials collection and was most impressed with the Meta Silk Shampoo, Meta Velour Conditioner, Meta Lush Volumizer and Meta Luxe Hair Spray UV Protection.

The sulfate-free shampoo gently cleans hair without stripping it – perfect for my ombre tips. The conditioner, with coconut and jojoba oils, beautifully nourishes and protects hair. The volumizer, when spritzed on the roots of damp hair, gives major lift (especially when hair is blown upside down immediately following) without leaving any trace of product being applied. And the UV-shielding fine-mist hair spray secures hair without leaving it stiff plus can be reapplied over the course of the day. 

Every single item has an incredibly pleasant but not over-powering scent.

No surprise, a fragrance is part of the Serge Normant brand offering as well!

Avah Eau de Parfum by Serge Normant was created to be an indulgence and has notes of ylang ylang and jasmine but also amber, soft woods and musks (basically made for an anti-floral anti-citrus girl like me!). The perfume also has jojoba plus aloe vera and vitamin E so it can be used anywhere. Naturally this includes the hair. Now I am a BIG believer in scented body sprays used on the hair when they are crafted with ingredients that do not damage or dry out hair. And I think, knowingly or not, every guy I’ve ever dated is a testament to its effect. This fragrance takes it to the next level. Yes, I’ve tested it!

PS – whether it’s with your guy or your girls, you don’t have to abandon the luxe life during your travels. Jet-setters can simply pick up The Essentials in travel size. Brilliant!

The Serge Normant hair care line is available for purchase on shopsergenormant.com and sephora.com.

Note: This post is not sponsored and all reviews and thoughts are unbiased and my own. Hair products were provided as samples.