Daily Diva: How to Pop Green Eyes

Daily Diva: How to Pop Green Eyes

Makeup for eye color. It’s one of the things I am most often asked about. And while it’s not rocket science it does involve color theory. As in, finding shades either adjacent to or opposite your eye color (or colors that are in your eyes like flecks of gold) and using them to complement or contrast and ultimately enhance the shade(s) of your iris.

Easy breezy, right??

So when Miss Fawn wanted to learn how to “pop” her gorgeous green eyes, I knew immediately we would use opposite colors versus adjacent colors. To bring out her exact color – Fawn has green eyes with a hint of yellow – I rimmed her eyes with a dark purple liner and swept several shades of peach and purple over her lids. We could have gone more vibrant for added color contrast but we wanted the look to be wearable.

NOTE: Some other considerations in choosing eye shadow shades include skin tone, hair color, clothing, accessories and personal style/image.

Fawn loved the look and picked up the liner days later! She’s also been picking up lots of compliments, which always makes me happy.

For more on the right eyeshadow for your eye color, check out my previous series for makeup.com.

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    Fawn looks so beautiful! Love the purple liner!