Diva Dish: Razor Sharp Part II (Dollar Shave Club… For Her?)

Diva Dish: Razor Sharp Part II (Dollar Shave Club… For Her?)

Ok so it’s getting a ton of buzz and our very own male contributor, Señor Lechuga, thinks “next to the walkman and Tab, it’s the coolest invention of the 20th century” (a reference he’ll have to google)…

But is the Dollar Shave Club proposition truly made for a man, strong enough for a woman??

I put it to the test.

And in doing so I had to consider – do we girls really need fancypants razors?

Do we need three, four, seven blades? Cotton-candy pink or electric blue pops of color? A soft squishy handle? Aloe strips and moisturizers? Fancy advertising and celebrity spokespersons??

Well maybe we do.

Because the PROs are all there for this thing:

1. The price is right. A dollar a month? Think of what you could spend on other overpriced goods :)

2. It gives a good, close shave. Comparable to any good, close shave you’ve had before.

3. It allows you to be lazy. You never have to remember to get new blades again. They just keep coming so you can keep using fresh ones.

4. The marketing is genius. This is a club you want to belong to for that alone.

5. The size actually makes it easier to use on more ‘intimate” spots – ideal for a perfectly smooth summertime shave.

The only CON?

It’s just not pretty or feminine. Unapologetically. It isn’t made to be. But it looks like a sterile metal object next to all the other pretty packaging adorning my bathtub. It’s a glaring misfit. (As in, one of these things is not like the other.)

What’s a budget diva to do??

Maybe upgrade from the standard “Humble Twin” razor to a $6 or $9 a month option like “The 4x” or “The Executive.”

Or better yet, come out with a $4,500 insanely smart online video (reportedly the very small cost to produce theirs) that will go viral campaigning for, at the very least, a pink handle.

NOTE: I may have the chance to meet Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin at Digital Day 2012 on July 11th and will be sure to ask him about his plans to conquer the female market.