Diva Dish: Red White and Black (Boscia Bonding)

Diva Dish: Red White and Black (Boscia Bonding)

I recently attended a breakfast in which several bloggers and I were asked What’s the Bright Idea?

The answer as told to us on lightbulbs filled with the tastiest mints I’ve ever had:

Boscia’s new Bright White Mask launching this July.

FABULOUS news for a girl like me with light hyperpigmentation on the cheeks that drives me un poco loco. (I’m even considering Fraxel Dual this September in hopes of clearing it all, as hydroquinone did not work for me and is pretty controversial to begin with.)

Anyhooooo… I’ve been familiar with the Boscia brand for years as the blotting linens are a staple in my professional makeup kit and as their beloved Luminizing Black Mask is one of the best (if not THE best) for cleaning and minimizing pores.

So I was thrilled to go home with my swag bag and test it out.

Being proud owner now of both the white and black masks, I figured I’d also multitask.

Because who says you can’t product test on date night?

Not us.

I even threw on some red lipstick.

My handsome guinea pig and I pic slathered on our respective white and black masks and got in some quality couple time for the 20 minutes it took for the masks to dry.

Then the real fun began.

We took turns seeing who could best remove their mask keeping it as in tact as possible.

More action packed than our post-valentines movie date to see Safe House.

I would like to say that I won. And since I’m in the writer’s seat I can. But truth be told, we were pretty even.

Impressive, as the Boscia skin experts told us at the breakfast that the white mask has a softer pull than the black and this was his first mask experience.

When we do them again (and yes, he agreed to it), we will do a thicker coating for a more perfect removal.

As for results, the next day he felt his skin and out loud remarked how smooth and good it felt. Unprompted and unheard of.

I definitely felt I saw some brightening and glow and am hopeful that after several times I will see more evening as well. And my skin also felt super lush and soft and nourished. Pretty consistent with their product trials in which 81% reported more radiant skin and 86% reported overall skin improvement.

I’m also excited for the full Bright White product line to launch, with key ingredients like Sea Fern Algae to combat discoloration, Stay C-50 to brighten and repair  and Matrixyl 3000 to correct and lift – all of which are in the mask.

And for now, the mask can be used along with other brightening products and even alternated with the black mask.

Good times.

NOTE: For those of you with sensitive skin or sensitive souls – Boscia is 100% preservative-free, alcohol-free, artificial-fragrance and color-free, dermatologist tested and non-irritating. Boscia also does not test on animals or use animal ingredients.