Nailed It: Sally Hansen “Salon Effects” Nail Polish Strips

Nailed It: Sally Hansen “Salon Effects” Nail Polish Strips

So I’m one of those girls who absolute cannot STAND to have her nails unpainted. I basically feel naked without polish. However, painting my own can be tedious and stressful, since it can get messy and I can never get the polish to dry as perfectly as it would at the salon. I’m sure all you divas out there can relate, especially when we have to paint the other hand with our less dominant hand (I dread that part). Fortunately, I have found a solution…

If you haven’t tried them yet, without further adieu, I present to you Sally Hansen’s Real Nail Polish Strips!

This cute little package comes fully equipped with all you need for application, including a mini nail file/buffer, wooden cuticle stick, 16 nail polish strips, and of course a detailed step-by-step instruction guide. 

The great thing about the kit is that it comes with 6 more strips than needed just in case you make a mistake or accidentally rip one (they require a gentle touch!). For me, this was awesome because it was my first time using any nail strips, let alone ones so flexible and thin. That being said, these strips stretch to fit your nail, making them look a lot more realistic than others out there. All it takes is patience.

To apply, you remove the plastic layer and lay the strip on your nail (like a sticker), shape it to fit, file off the excess, and voila! So easy! And the best part is, you don’t even have to worry about dry time or icky air bubbles.

This strip style called Hear Me Roar looks super authentic (like real nail art), and I got some great feedback instantly. 

Here are my nails 3 days later, and as you can see they are perfectly shaped to fit my cuticles (another part I dread painting with real polish – I don’t always have the steadiest hand!).

The material of the strips is delicate, so I did experience some minor tears here and there.

Overall, they still look pretty good after a few days, especially compared to a standard manicure (we all know how long those can really last)!

They’re said to last for 10 days, but whenever want to remove them, you simply use nail polish remover. 

To top it all off, you’re not at all limited when it comes to the designs of these nail strips. Sally Hansen offers an array of 40 really cool and funky styles to choose from, so for sure you’ll stand out and grab instant attention with these babies. 

* TIP: If you do end up with some leftover strips, don’t throw them away! Save them for a future at-home mani and use just one for a single accent finger on each hand. Paint the rest of your fingers a complementary color. So fun!


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Wow, Jessica! Great job on applying the nails… and for your first time too! 

    PS, I can see how that design would be a total conversation starter.


  2. GaYoung Kwon

    Your nails look gorgeous! :)

    Sadly, I’m one of those girls who can’t paint both her hands herself…I guess these solve the issue!

  3. simonhockins1980

    Nice saloon effects on nails are shown in this post.

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