Diva Dish: Simple Addition

Diva Dish: Simple Addition

This just in! Right when you thought nail art jumped the shark, CND introduces 12 dee-licious pure pigments and effects to take your mani to an otherworldly level! They can be mixed into gels and acrylics or layered over CND Shellac (or how ’bout your plain old polish).

It all adds up.

Nail Polish + Nail Additives = HOLY HOTNESS

CND encourages self-expression and individuality with these toppers that allow for ombre, opalescent glass, sparkle, tie-dye, graffiti, encrusted gemstone, embossed  and cosmic effects. Just to name a few.

“Women like to make statements with their nails. Additives let you explore the inventive and personalized world of nail art. Prepare for your nails to get noticed in a whole new way!” says CND Co-Founder, Jan Arnold.

Additives is a professional-only product line. To get an Additives-enhanced mani at a salon, visit CND for a Master Nail Professional near you.