DIVA DISH: Squatty Potty. Shit’s going down.

DIVA DISH: Squatty Potty. Shit’s going down.

Guys. Shit’s going down. For realz.

And it is a SUPER GROSS topic, I know I know, and one I would never EVAHHHH touch here on DIVAlicious… except (there’s an except)… except for the fact that I know personally how a flat stomach can lead to fashion freedom, relationship confidence, and plain old personal happiness. Sometimes it really is the little things. A flat stomach might just be the self-esteem boost you need. Hell, it may just change your life.

And we’re all adults here. Please, even kids know Everyone Poops.

So I had to share this latest discovery that I found randomly on the internet, bought, tested and now constantly rave about. Seriously. I’m talking to random strangers about this thing. Holy shit! Pun intended. Paul Christopher even got his own and lives for it too. Of course! #TWINSIES

So, to give you a sense of what it is and how it works, I’ll share the video that appeared one day out of the blue on my Facebook feed (must have been a divine intervention) and that given my lack of regularity issues and how those issues limits my fashion choices on certain days, let me just say it was clickbait I fell for. Hard.

INTRODUCING The Squatty Potty. Which I bought instantly on Amazon for $28.


Now, Squatty Potty has a 7″ and a 9″ option. They advise the 7″ for most standard toilets. But I went for the 9″. Paul did too. I mean, if you’re going this far, why not go all the way?

And really, without oversharing (or is it way too late for that??), I’ll say this: It works.

Yeah, it’s kind of an eyesore in your bathroom (see visuals below) but it’s also quite the conversation starter for house guests. There have been LOTS of laughs since it’s come into my home. I’m laughing out loud as I type this. Paul’s laughing too.


And if you really have no shame, why not take a break from the Lulu Lemon and pick up the official Squatty Potty unisex t-shirt?


Because why not celebrate everyday victories.

I say knot it up at the waist just to show off that no-longer-bloated, not-full belly. It’s gonna be all the rage.

But back to why we’re here — if you’ve got potty problems and $30 to spare, give it a chance. Let us know what you think!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. 

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  1. Rosiecruise

    You made me laugh all through this article. You found what works for you!!! (I do crosswords). George Costanza read library books. Ugh!!!!

    • Lauren Cosenza

      For an end to the “curve” as we call it, that limits fashion choices and makes getting dressed a unpleasant versus fun, with no health or financial risk??? Yeah, I’m SOLD!! xoLC

  2. Anonymous


  3. Paul Christopher

    AMAZING!Just when you predicted I would be laughing I actually was! But, to everyone else, YES this WORKS!!!


    • Lauren Cosenza

      Lol! Love it!!! Team Flat Stomach!!! XO