DIVA DISH: Squeeming!

DIVA DISH: Squeeming!


Squeem is a compression waist cincher made of cotton on the inside and rubber on the outside that closes via hook + eye. I’d personally call it a glorified girdle that works (temporarily, short-term and long-term) to reshape the midsection. The label uses the term magical and while I wouldn’t go that far, it is pretty amazing. I paid $55 for it on Amazon and now having used it for two months (and very irregularly I might add) I think it’s worth a ton more.


Corset training dates way back but recently after some candid comments by Jessica Alba who wore a double corset day and night for months to resume her much-envied post-pregnancy body, it’s back on the map.

PS, other celebs have also used them, along with tons of women in other countries (moms and otherwise). The method can be controversial depending on the type of corset and how it is used, but many who test it find it does work.

I am one of those people. I also am one of those people who thinks anything in extreme is usually unhealthy but if there’s a way to do it in moderation I don’t find anything wrong with investigating it. Especially as someone who is healthy, already works out and eats right, but also wouldn’t mind flatter, tighter abs and a smaller waistline.


The first time is the most difficult and you will think that even though you paid close attention to the sizing chart it’s WAYYYYY too small. You may want to give up and you may break a sweat. But you will eventually get the top or bottom hook + eye to meet and lock in place. And then you’ll just use a bit of muscle to go up or down the row depending on how you started. (Note: I personally like to start at the top and go down. The instructions suggest the opposite.) I think it took me 10 minutes total on my first attempt but I admittedly gave up at one point and also checked the sizing chart several times. 

Once it’s on, you just have to wear it. This may seem simple enough. And over time it will be. But the first time, you won’t last long and it isn’t advised that you do. I wore mine for 30 minutes. My initial thought was that it was amazing for posture and back support. As someone who wears a 32D bra, I would wear it for that benefit alone. Really. I was also shocked that it created no bulges at the top or bottom. Despite how tight it was (read: REAL TIGHT), it still laid flat to my skin. When I tried Spanx in the past, I didn’t find that to be true and always felt it created more problems than it hid. Hence my experience with Spanx lasted two occasions. And I’m not someone who is overweight for my height. I ordered the XS in the Squeem as I’m a 26 in jeans (25 on a real good day). The Squeem was uncomfortable, yes, but really mostly in the very center of my midsection where the rubber buckled in a bit. A taller person (I’m only 5’0″) or someone with a straighter build (I’m hourglass in shape) may not experience that. The first day, I also didn’t sit it in because of that discomfort. It buckles more deeply when seated. So I stood and didn’t eat and a half hour later took it off and felt instant relief. But even then, before seeing any results, I felt somewhat victorious.

Over time, it’s much easier to put on. And you can wear it longer as you extend the time with each wear. It’s takes me 15 seconds to get it on now and I can wear it pretty much all day without discomfort. Every once in a while I feel a little nauseous and in those instances, I just remove it. I’ve worn it in cabs, on set, on trains, during flights, on my couch, in meetings. I can eat in it. Some women sleep it in too. That’s were I draw the line. Although I will say my boyfriend has seen me in it and again, unlike Spanx, there is something slightly sexy about it that it doesn’t feel like being exposed in granny panties. It’s more like being exposed in medieval lingerie. 

On the packaging it shows women wearing it under regular clothing. For me, I could only wear it under loose tops. Otherwise, my body looked like Jessica Rabbit – in the impossibly-human not bombshell way. It was way too exaggerated of a shape. But this too may not be the case for someone with a straighter build. For me, it was a little ridiculous. So I wore it with big sweaters and tunics paired with skinny jeans or leggings. Not sure how that will work out once I swap out winter for spring wardrobe. Maybe maxi dresses and high waist shorts and skirts?


For me, in a word, YES. As I mentioned, it works temporarily, short-term and (from what I can see) potentially long-term. But I’m happy enough with the short-term alone. Let me explain why….

TEMPORARY: Even though at first it may feel like your midsection is… squeeming at you, so to speak, Squeem instantly works to pull you in. If you have an item of clothing that isn’t made of thin fabric (so it won’t show the hook + eye closure panel), you immediately have a very enhanced silhouette. For me, perhaps too enhanced with body-hugging clothing so I’d personally suggest something that isn’t too thin or too tight for it to look natural. It also greatly improves posture, particularly if you often find yourself hunching. These benefits are obviously only evident when you are wearing the product but for some it may make the product worth it off the bat.

 SHORT-TERM: Between water-weight loss from the rubber plus its tight construction, whenever I took the Squeem off at the end of a full day wearing it, I saw a much more defined waistline and abs. Clothing simply fit better. I could pull out any snug dress or fitted top — or even my tightest jeans. Everything slid right on and looked great. Without the discomfort of having to keep the Squeem on underneath. Does this effect last forever? Not sure and don’t care. Because it lasts that night in that outfit, even after eating and drinking, which makes me a very happy girl. I would highly recommend it before a big event. I have to imagine it’s similar to slim-down body treatments and wraps and steam rooms and such. Except much cheaper and reusable.

LONG-TERM: Some swear they’ve lost inches wearing these products. I’m not sure Squeem itself actually redefines body shape. Maybe other corsets do, maybe this one does, I’m not sure. I’d have to wear it more regularly and for much more time to really weigh in on that. But what I found for me over two months is that when I wore the Squeem, I ate less and felt full. Nothing like serious caloric deprivation or anything, but I just ate smaller, healthier portions. Over time, that would lead to losing weight and therefore inches. So that would support those claims. I also (and this may be TMI for some but a huge benefit for me) found it aided my digestive track when I wore it more consistently. Maybe that’s because it’s “too tight” as some critics argue, but when you are not “regular” that alone is reason to wear this thing. It also eliminates bloating when worn regularly so that troublesome little unwanted curve or pooch over the stomach slims down and flattens out over time. To the point where friends will notice and very close friends will even tell you. SCORE!

To wrap it up (pun intended!), not only would I recommend this product but I think I’m already responsible for several units selling off of Amazon as the result of my thorough and honest feedback while testing it. (Obvi I had to show everyone everywhere — and answer all their questions.)


Note: This post is not sponsored; the product was purchased at full-price. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. This post recounts my personal experience with the product only. 

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