DUDES DISH: Snow Day!!!

DUDES DISH: Snow Day!!!

Who said that snow days were only for kids??  Let’s be honest – when you hear that your city is going to be hit by 10 inches of snow and 20 mph wind you get a little excited that maybe, just maybe, work will be cancelled. Unless you work for Goldman – in that case even a hurricane that shuts down all of NYC can’t keep you from the office.  But for the rest of us, when your iPhone does buzz at 6am with a wonderful note to stay home, here is some necessary gear to allow you to make the most of the day.

These boots are fucking awesome!!!  Forget snow, they could get you through a zombie apocolypse.  Unfortunately they are only available in limited quantities in New York, but who ever said getting the best gear would be easy.

Normally I am not a big fan of obscenely-priced puffy coats.  Moncler, I stand to be corrected.  Not only does this coat have one of the slickest grey patterns I have ever seen, there is an inner layer of desert camo – are you kidding, desert camo?!?  Yeah, you need this coat.

The problem with 99% of winter gloves is they make you feel like you have a pair of oven mitts on.  Yes you may have gained warmth but in return you have the dexterity of an elephant.  Mujjo has solved this problem.  By merging lambskin with crocheted cotton they have created the perfect blend of function and fashion.  Oh and you don’t have to take them off to tweet your mom you are enjoying the snow.  Well done Mujjo, well done.

As a child I hated scarves.  It didn’t matter that they provided an exponential increase in warmth. To me, they lacked masculinity.  Solution: add skulls. Shit, this baby can even come with me Hawaii.

Years ago I used to own a motorcycle.  To many of you that have heard the phrase “crotch rocket” to describe a bike, this truly does not make sense until you have tried to take control of a 1000cc beast.  For motorcycle enthusiasts, the worst part of winter is the inability to ride.  My suggestion — garage that bike and pick up a $14K Arctic Cat 9000 – the world’s fastest snowmobile production engine will not let you down.  I knew I always wanted to speed a winter in Montana.

Enjoy your snow day!!!

– Sr. Lettuce

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  1. 01unf2sfvg60u

    i love the scarf!!!

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    really? it’s enough color for you, em?! i don’t know…….

    ps, i think danielle somewhere wrote she’s been on an arctic cat but don’t see the comment here… 

    anyhoooo – stay warm these next few days!! XOLC

  3. 01unf2sfvg60u

    obvi I would need waaaaaay more color, preferably orange with some pink and probably more colors too. but I like the scarf for BOYS!!! ;) xoxoxo