Diva Dish: Team Veronica

Diva Dish: Team Veronica

Ever since I was a little girl I was Team Veronica all the way. And I had the stacks of comic books to show for it. I even made it my confirmation name, although she was no saint. So when MAC announced it’s latest collaboration, Archie’s Girls, I was truly besides myself.

How would I describe the Veronica shades, you ask?

Stronger, bolder, and way more kickass than the Betty shades. Obviously.

But truth be told, even some of the saccharine sweet Betty shades appeal to me. In a confectionery-chic kind of way.

The whole collection makes me nostalgic for side ponies with neon scrunchies, mix-and-match bunch socks, and purple lip gloss. (Betty’s got a sweet lilac and Veronica’s got a vivid violet.) Also Mad Libs, Ghost in the Graveyard and Champion sweatshirts.

Archie’s Girls debuts this Thursday Jan 31 at MAC stores in NYC and then at all North America stores next Thursday Feb 7.