DIVA DISH: The Mighty Purse. It’s So Clutch.

DIVA DISH: The Mighty Purse. It’s So Clutch.

This adorable little clutch charges your phone. Repeat: Charges. Your. Phone.


What a genius concept and (drumroll……..) it really works!!

No more bulky Mophie or metal cylinders for this diva. Well, at least when I’m wearing an outfit that goes with this printed ponyhair cutie.

Unless I pick up a few more, that is. The Mighty Purse comes in a wide array of shades, all genuine leather, and has compartments for your on-the-go essentials. It includes a LED indicator so you know how much charge you have left. And when you’re running low, you just plug it into your phone power adapter or computer USB port. Best of all, no long, unruly cords. Brilliant!!

Can’t wrap your head around how it works? Check out the visual below.

When wearable tech is truly an intersection of fashion and function, it’s called #winning. This clutch can charge up the average smartphone twice before needed a new charge of its own. What’s not to love?

The Mighty Purse will run you about $100, makes for a perfect present, and you can check out styles and pick one up HERE.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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  1. 2w81w36lx81ec

    WOW!   I love it!!  Sadly, I ordered the Anker a couple weeks ago and it just arrived. But it’s nice to have options.  Do they sell these in person anywhere?  Would be nice to see the different colors/leathers up close.  Thanks for this great info!!  :-)

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey Kelly!

    Sadly I’ve never seen them anywhere in-store. But the non-ponyhair versions are real leather and the quality of mine is really really nice. It’s small but perfect for a night out. You could always buy and return? I have an Anker too and a Mophie and when a pink bag with black hearts isn’t gonna work, I use them both interchangeably. It’s more like another option to have, especially if you go with a neutral shade. I love it!


  3. 1aassfcva0p9l

    I want to cry, this is so brilliant. Prime example of “things you never knew you needed.” I might just get the one in black with the diamond print!

  4. Kate Pangilinan

    I want to cry, this is so brilliant. Prime example of “things you never knew you needed.” I might just get the one in black with the diamond print!

  5. 2w81w36lx81ec

    SPOTTED!  Kate’s comment reminded me.

    Saw it 2 days ago at Bigelow Pharmacy!  Not the cute print you have here, mainly solids – loved the silver and the black.  Was a little heavier than I expected.  The bag was $100 and the iPhone adapter kit (they also had) was $30.  Probably both items are cheaper on Amazon but it was nice to see it in person.  Fantastic Christmas gift.

  6. Lauren Cosenza



  7. Lauren Cosenza

    Incredible gift!! Awesome that Bigelow carries them too.