Diva Dish: The Other Brazilian

Diva Dish: The Other Brazilian

Exciting news for those with course, frizzy, untameable hair —

There is a hot new Brazilian in town!  Ooooh la la la la….

As I’m sure you can relate, very few things are as upsetting as a Bad Hair Day.  I believe this process to be a non-damaging promise of Good Hair to many women who desperately seek it and struggle in achieving it every  day.

I don’t think words can speak to the stunning transformation that took place in 90 minute’s time in Midtown NYC.

My fearless guinea pig naturally has some serious, tight, unmanageable curls.  In contrast, the after pictures look like a girl who wakes up to shampoo commercial hair every day.

My friend for years, who happily agreed to test the treatment for me, has NEVER had better hair than when we left the salon.  No professional blowout even compared to the softness and shine this process imparted.  And make no mistake, we pay a pretty penny for some of the best stylists in town.

There were many times at which I thought she would cry – happy tears.  This is a girl who would travel to beach destinations but take any and all measures to never get her hair wet.  Who needs to spend a significant amount of time whenever her hair did get wet to properly blow it out.  There was no such thing as wash & go for her.

Now she is liberated.

It may only be hair, but the confidence she exuded leaving the salon is something I wish all women could experience.

Something as simple as Good Hair, when it never came easy to you,  can truly rock your world.


Details on the process, done at CONCEPT SALON IN NYC.

– This is a NEW Brazilian semi-straightener.

– The treatment softens and relaxes hair but doesn’t not promise stick-straight hair.  You can still wear you hair wavy or curly.  The quality and texture of the hair is changed, so your blowout (if you chose to go straight) will take hardly any time at all.  The treatment promises to eliminate frizz.  Hair becomes tame and manageable.  A professional blowout for my model pre-treatment took at least 60 minutes.  Her post-treatment blowout took TEN.

– The treatment takes 90 minutes from start to finish.

– The treatment is keratin-based, like the Brazilian-straighteners used in many salons, however this one uses a substitute preservative called glutaraldehyde that makes it safe and gentle on the hair.

– There is NO formaldehyde in the treatment, making it non-carcinogenic.  There is no mask you need to wear while it is applied.

– The treatment is so gentle you can do it the same day as your color.

– You do not have to wait 3 days or any specified amount of time to wash you hair after the treatment, as you must with other kinds.  Having said that, it is recommended that you wash less to preserve and extend the treatment.

– The treatment lasts 2-3 months depending on how well you care for your hair.

– The treatment ultimately washes out so there is no regrowth issue, as there is with Japanese straightening, which requires growing out the hair.

– The treatment costs $280-300 depending on hair length.  IF YOU MENTION DIVALICIOUSBLOG.COM, YOU WILL RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST VISIT.

– The salon is located at 1107 2nd Avenue 212*644*6366… Ask for brazilian hair goddess Jo.


To complete the makeover, I couldn’t help but offer a touch of foundation, a pop of color and a wash of gloss to my radiant model who couldn’t stop staring at her new look in disbelief.  So much so that it felt fitting to keep the mirror in the shots when it originally only served as a light source.



CONCEPT SALON  1107 2nd Avenue  212*644*6366

DISCLAIMER: I happen to personally love curly hair, so much so that I choose to deal with the unpredictability of my own rather than professionally relax it for easy wash&wear. But my hair works with me and does what it’s told.  This new process is for women who struggle and fight their curls or their frizz every day, who constantly look for new products and treatments to show their hair who’s boss.